Snowflake Award

I decided to create an award for bloggers: The Snowflake Award! I choose for it to be called the Snowflake Award because every snowflake is unique, just like every doll blog. 🙂

The Snowflake Award

I nominate:

  1. Little House of American Girl
  2. The Dazzling Dollies
  3. Delight World of Dolls
  4. Pretty Lilly
  5. The Salty Breeze
  6. Fun With AG Fan
  7. Dolly Dorm Diaries
  8. The Guys and Gals of Chestnut Street
  9. Oh My Dollies

And if you were nominated, the rules:

  • Nominate at least five blogs
  • Answer these eleven questions
  • Ask eleven questions (nothing personal)
  • Put the award photo in this post on your blog
  • Have fun!


My questions:

  1. What AG Doll Do You Want Next?
  2. What Is Your Favorite Girl Of The Year Doll?
  3. Saige or Isabelle?
  4. Girl Of The Year, Just Like You, or Historical?
  5. Favorite Color?
  6. Do You Participate In Any Sports?
  7. Is This Your First Award?
  8. Pink or Purple?
  9. What Do You Think Of AG’s ‘Beforever?’
  10. Favorite Historical Doll?
  11. Do You Have A Custom Doll? Do You Want One?

If are reading this and were not nominated, please drop me a comment saying you would like to be and consider yourself nominated! But please also only nominate yourself if your blog is about dolls. If this makes no sense to you whatsoever, feel free to ask me any questions.


Loren 🙂


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