Molly’s Fail of a Wedding

My friend and I were playing with my dolls, and we went outside and took some pics! Don’t worry, Molly didn’t really get married. I mean, she’s ten and doesn’t have a groom!


Music played as Molly and her flower girl, Emily, walked down the aisle.

June is the perfect time to get married! The bride thought happily. There is just enough sun and a nice breeze.


Emily hummed along with ‘The Wedding March’ as she tossed purple flowers on the ground.


I can’t belive I’m getting married! Molly thought as the slight breeze cought her veil.


Oh! My veil! She quickly reached up and pulled the veil over her face.


As the procession neared the altar, the guests oohed and ahhed at Molly’s dress. One said “Look at the flower girl! She is so cute!” “The bride looks like a fairy-tale princess!” Another chimed in.


Once at the altar, Emily moved to the left of the bride, opposite the maid of honor. Then the pastor started talking. “Do you, Molly, take this invisible man to be your husband, blah blah blah blah.”


“I do.” Molly reached down and picked up the ring.


“You may kiss the bride!” The pastor exclaimed.


Aww. The maid of honor sighed, watching Molly kiss the invisible man.


As Molly continued to kiss him, Emily tossed more flowers into the air. “Yay!” a guest exclaimed, clapping.


Then the pastor spoke. “I proclaim you husband and wife!”


Molly turned around and showed her ring to the world.


Then the bride fell, the pastor fell on top of her, and the flower girl fell down. (Ignore small girl.)


And then the only guest fell backward. And the maid of honor was the last one standing.


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