AG Summer Release!

The American Girl Summer Release is here! Let’s see what’s new for Isabelle’s collection:

                            Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress $36

I think this outfit is really cute, but since I have only read the first book from Isabelle’s collection, I don’t know what it’s from. The Nutcracker, maybe?

Isabelle’s Makeup Set $36

This is so cute! I love the nail stickers.

Isabelle’s Fashion Sketchbook $14.99

This is for girls, not the doll. That’s all for Isabelle, I was hoping for more in her collection, or some new stuff for the historical dolls.

On to the My AGs!

The new doll:

JLY#61, Light skin, red hair, green eyes $110

She is such a cutie! She looks really similar to Saige though.

The new clothes:

Coconut Cutie Outfit for Dolls + Charm $30

Coconut Cutie Outfit for Girls $26-60

Coconut Cutie Tee for Girls

Coconut Cutie Tee for Girls $26

Coral Floral Skirt for Girls

Coral Floral Skirt for Girls $34

Petals & Plaid PJ’s for Dolls + Charm $24

AHH! This is so CUTE!

Petals & Plaid PJ’s & Slippers for Girls $24-64

Petals & Plaid PJ's for Girls

Petals & Plaid PJ’s for Girls $40

Fuchsia Moccasins for Girls

Fuchsia Moccasins for Girls $24


School Stripes Dress for Dolls + Charm $28

I love this! This sneakers are awesome! It is just so cute!

School Stripes Outfit for Girls $26-70

Wait. School!? Seriously, AG, it’s SUMMER! Now is not the time to think about school.

School Stripes Dress for Girls

School Stripes Dress for Girls. $44

Doodle Tee for Girls

Doodle Tee for Girls. $26

Starry Hoodie Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $30

Cuteness! Love the hoodie!

Starry Hoodie Outfit for Girls. $38-80

Starry Hoodie for Girls

Starry Hoodie for Girls. $42


Starry Jeggings for Girls

Starry Jeggings for Girls. $38

Bright Stripes Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $38

Sparkly Camp Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $30

I love this new camping outfit! All though the boots might not be the best thing for hiking, the sure are cute!

2-in-1 Cheer Gear for Dolls + Charm. $48

Skateboarding Set for Dolls + Charm. $42

Wow. The. Sneakers. Are. Adorable!  I think I like the old skate-board better though. Only the shape of the board. I like the design on this one better.

Karate Class Set for Dolls + Charm. $38

Hi-i-i-ya! I think it looks pretty realistic, my brother used to be in Karate. But I don’t think the doll could be a black-belt. AG could have inclouded different colored belts, so the doll could move up in her class.

Bee Myself Outfit for Dolls + Charm. $34

The new pets and their things:

Coconut™ the Puppy. $28

Nooo! What happened to the other Coconut?! This one isn’t in the same position, and doesn’t have a collar! Is this the third version? Still, this one is pretty adorable!

Charm-ing Pet Collar $16

Dalmatian Puppy $28

Chocolate Lab Puppy. $28

Corgi Puppy. $28

Princess Pet Bed. $26

Preppy Pet Outfit. $18

Travel Kennel. $26

Pet Grooming Set. $30

Jeweled Collar and Leash. $12

Pet Ballerina Outfit. $18

This would be perfect for Tutu! If it fits her, that is.

Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed. $26

Pet Celebration Set. $22

Spiky Collar and Leash. $12

Petal Pet Outfit. $18

Blossoms Collar and Leash. $12

Pet Camping Outfit. $18

Cuddles and Cures Pet Set. $22

Apricot Poodle Puppy. $28

No! My sweet Honey! :(

Sporty Pet Outfit. $18

Treats and Eats Pet Set. $16

Himalayan Kitten. $28

Aww! She is soooo cute!

Funky Pet Bed. $26

My AG accessories:

Doodle Backpack Set. $28

Trail Accessories. $38

Jewel Highlights Set. $15

Accent Braid Clips. $15

These are avalible in Blonde, Caramel, Red, Brown, and Dark Brown.

Camp Treats Set. $58

Aqua Earring Tree. $10

Wrap Watch. $8

Violet Heart Watch. $8

Pet Earrings $10

Doodle Earrings. $10

3-in-1 Ring Set. $8

New furniture and the other stuff:

Bouquet Bed & Bedding. $38-213

Bouquet Bed Set

Bouquet Bed Set. $175

Bouquet Bedding

Bouquet Bedding. $38

Bouquet Nightstand. $58

Sunset Sleepover Tent. $85

Sunset Sleepover Bag for Dolls. $28

Sunset Sleepover Bag for Girls. $85


This release is huge! I like most of the things, except for the pets.

What do you think of the release? Will JLY#61 be joining your family of dolls? What do you think of the pets? AG did release stuff for the Bitty’s, but I didn’t add that to this post. I’m pretty sure I have the whole release here!



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