New Photo Series Coming Soon! (Hopefully!)

On my Polls page, there are  seven votes for ‘Photostories’. Thanks to everyone who voted!(You can still vote) I have come up with an idea, and hope to post the first part soon. I haven’t picked a title yet, so I need to work on that. Also, my newest doll,(that hasn’t arrived, yet) will make her debut in this series. I also want to say that I have 12 followers, 652 views, and views from U.S.A., UK, Serbia, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Poland, India, and the Philippines. Thank you all so much! It means a lot to me when people comment, follow, and like. Rapunzel’s Journal is having her first giveaway, and it ends July 1st. Oh My Dollies is having her first giveaway too. Go enter them!


P.S. If the link for Rapunzel Journal doesn’t work, go to Oh My Dollies and go to the ‘Some Great Doll Blogs’ page, Rapunzel’s Journal is in the list.


2 thoughts on “New Photo Series Coming Soon! (Hopefully!)

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