The Great Escape ~Part 1~


“Who are you and how did you get here?!” demanded a redheaded girl. Ellie closed her eyes and shook her her head, shaking brown bangs out of her eyes.


But before Ellie could answer, the girl turned her back to Ellie, and picked up some white garments.


The girl held the clothes out to Ellie. “You were saying?” she asked


“I was saying, my name is Ellie and I don’t know how I got here. Where are we, anyway?” The girl handed Ellie the stack of clothes she was holding. “I don’t know where we are, either!” she replied.


“You can change over there,” the girl pointed to a big box set in a corner.


Ellie stepped into the makeshift room. “Oh, and by the way, I’m Madison, but you can call Maddi!’ the girl exclaimed happily. “And I won’t peek.”



Maddi was true to her word and didn’t peek. As Ellie came out from the stall, carrying her old clothes, Maddi stuck out her hand, causing Ellie to drop her pants and shoes. “Hi Ellie!” Madison shook Ellie’s hand violently. “Um, hi.” Ellie replied.


Maddi took Ellie’s clothes and started folding them. Another girl joined the welcome comity.


“Hi, I’m Ellie!” Ellie waved.



“All done!” Maddi chirped. “Regan, that’s Ellie. She’s new here!”

“I got that.”


Regan sat down next to Madison. Maddi scooched the folded clothes to Regan. Regan picked them up and stood. “I’ll take theses to Lily,” she said.


Once Regan left, Ellie asked “Who is Lily?”

“Well, Lily is . . . uh . . .,” Maddi trailed off, thinking.


“Over there!”

“Why is everyone wearing white clothes except for her?” Ellie asked.

“I dunno,” Maddi shrugged.

“And why–,” Ellie was interrupted by a scream.


A girl, tied to chair was falling through the roof of the prison!

“Help! Someone help me!” the girl screamed.

(Please excuse the the giant foot and finger, they belong to my help.)


Maddi and Ellie ran over to help the girl. I guess our conversation about Lily will have to wait, Ellie thought.


But before they could help her, Amy, another prisoner, ran over and untied her.


“Thanks,” the girl said. “I’m Natalie.”


Maddi immediately ran to the stairwell and shouted “There’s another one!”


Amy walked over to Ellie and stuck her hand out. “I’m Amy,” she said.

“Ellie,” Ellie replied.


Regan came to the last step on the stairs and threw some clothes at Natalie. “Bombs away!” she yelled.


“So, Lily?” Ellie asked, sitting in the chair that was now in their prison.

“Let’s wait for Natalie to get back from changing!” Maddi suggested. “Then I don’t have to explain it twice!”


Natalie came out of the makeshift room and asked: “I couldn’t help hearing. Who’s Lily?”

“I’ll tell you now!” Madison replied. “Oh, and don’t tell anyone, but I’m Maddi.”

“And mad,” Regan mumbled.


“Well, Lily is– over there!” Maddi pointed.


Everyone looked up the stairs to see Lily. “I think everybody should take a seat,” she said quietly. “I need to tell you my story.”


Everyone took a seat, as Lily suggested, and she started her sad tale.


“My name is Lily, I’m twelve years old. I’ve been her the longest: two years. I was kidnapped when I was ten, and brought to this place. Before I was captured, I lived with my mom and dad. I love singing, and want to be a singer. If we ever get out of here.”

“Why do we have to wear white, and you don’t?” Ellie asked.

“I don’t know,” Lily answered.

“Do you know where we are?” asked Natalie.

“No,” Lily replied.


And that’s the end of part one! Did you like it? Stay tuned for part two soon!



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