Make a Patriotic Feather Hair-Clip!


Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Today I’m going to show you how to make a really cute and easy patriotic hair-clip! This is a really quick craft. I don’t know why I made it a feather, maybe I was thinking of Native Americans.


You are going to need:

Red, white and blue Fun Foam

A pencil


A bobby pin

A hot glue gun


Draw a feather shape on each of the foam pieces. Making them different lengths gives the hair-clip a really cool effect.


Cut the pieces out, and pick an end to be the top. This end will be glued to the bobby pin. Then cut slits in the feather, angled to the top.


Then, heat up the hot-glue gun and arrange the feathers the way you want the feathers on the clip. I want this clip to go on the right side of my dolls head, so the open part on the bobby pin is facing right. Do the opposite if you want the clip to go on the left side of your dolls head.


Glue the feathers on top on the pin in the way you arranged them.


Put all the feathers on , and you’re done! You could add glitter, or other stuff to the feathers if you want.


Now Saige’s sister Ivy has one too! Don’t stop at just feathers, you could do stars, flowers, your doll’s name, (As long as it’s short) anything, really!

Happy crafting,


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