The Great Escape ~Part 2~


Amy came down the stairs that lead to a small room where Lily liked to sing. “I’m tired,” she yawned.


“Yes! Let us go to bed!” Maddi exclaimed. “Regan! Go fetch us some bedding!”

“Whatever,” Regan mumbled.


Maddi showed Ellie and Natalie  where everybody slept. “I sleep here,” she pointed to a patchwork blanket.


“You can sleep here, and here.”


Regan came into the room with bedding for Natalie and Ellie.


“Here,” Regan shoved a white pillow and blue checkered blanket in to Ellie’s arms.


Natalie started making her bed.


As Natalie and Ellie climbed into bed, Lily came in.


“Wow. She has a nightgown? No fair!” Ellie whispered to Natalie.


“Have you ever tried to escape?” asked Natalie.


“I did. Once,” Lily said.

“Oh, and I take it you didn’t make it,” Natalie said.



“Well then, let’s come up with another plan! This time one that will really work,” Ellie suggested.


“Brilliant, Ellie! I think I have an idea! How about the way I got here? I fell. That means there’s a way out, up!”


“What do you think, Regan? Will you help me come up with a plan?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”


Everyone gathered to help come up with a plan to escape.

“Oh, oh! This isn’t related to the plan, but are your and Ellie’s  parents famous?” Maddi asked Natalie.

“Well, my mom is a fashion designer, and I’m a model,” Natalie replied. “Ellie?”

“My parents’ horses have both won the Triple Crown, and I race horses.”

“Wow!” Maddi exclaimed. “My mom is a movie star! I act, too. Reagan and her parents are athletes, and Amy’s dad is a weather announcer!”


Once they had gone over the whole plan three times, Lily realized something. “Um, guys, you know he can hear us.”

“Who?” asked Natalie.

“The person that kidnapped us.”


“What!? No! Our plan is ruined!!!” Natalie wailed.


“But wait, Natalie. I have a plan. One that I know will work,” Lily whispered. “My plan. The one that didn’t work. It will work with more people. And ‘He’ already thinks we are gonna do your plan! Listen up . . .”


:O Oh! What is going to happen next, I wonder? ;)

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!



12 thoughts on “The Great Escape ~Part 2~

    • I don’t think my brain works normally, I come up with a lot of photostory ideas that will never get published . . . According to my mom, they are to ‘sick.’ But then again, moms are just . . . moms.


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