Isabelle Goes to Random Places

Izzy and me went to some pretty random places way back in like, May, and I never, ever, ever, posted it.

Well, now you get to experience The Random Adventures of Loren & Izzy.

WARING: this is a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy. :)


One of the completely random places we happened to stop by was The Brain Factory. The weird thing is, they don’t sell brains! Instead, they sell frames. Izzy decided to make the best of the frames, and made herself into a picture with this adorable doll-sized frame.


She also found a frame that was much bigger then her, and pretended she had stepped through a door, and had come out in a different dimension.


We got this cool postcard thingy for an art-show!


Izzy managed to climb onto this awesome railing!


She got down, (I don’t know how she managed to do it without killing/injuring her self) and began climbing the stairs!

(Note from Izzy: That was SO hard to climb! I don’t know how, but I FINALLY reached the top!)


Izzy told me she was NOT going to climb down the stairs, so she slid on the railing. (She is soooo lucky! I have NEVER in all the many days of the decade I have been alive, have I slid down a railing. Dolls go unpunished.)


We saw some BEAUTIFUL peonies!


There was also this gorgeous flowering dogwood, the flowers were pink! I just could not let the opportunity to have a photo shoot with Isabelle pass.





Have a wonderful day!

L o r e n <3


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