Camp Doll Diaries ~Registration~

Hi! So I am FINALLY doing Camp Doll Diaries with my dolls, and I think I’m starting week 6, day 2. Better late then never, right?



We were all waiting at the Camp Doll Diaries shuttle bus stop, waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive.


“What is in that bag, Saige?” Ivy asked, pointing.


“What, this?” Saige held up her bag.


Saige open the bag, then started naming the things inside.

“Hairbrush, shoes, makeup, hair-cl–“

“–You know you aren’t going to need all that,” Caroline interrupted.

“Pay attention!” Saige scolded. “Hair-clips,” she looked up. “Bus!”

“What!?” Ivy exclaimed, peering into the bag.

“Over there!”


Everyone looked where Saige was pointing. The shuttle bus rolled up to the bus stop.


The bus driver opened the door. “Hi, girls!” she waved. “I’m Jo Jo!”


Once everyone had boarded, Jo Jo turned the bus and started the drive to Camp Doll Diaries.


After 20 minutes of watching trees and green hills roll by, Jo Jo announced ” We’re almost there!”


Izzy peered out the window. “She’s right! Two miles left!”


Ten minutes later, the bus stopped in front of a sign that said “Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries!”


Jo Jo opened the door and the big dolls eagerly got out, ready to start their first day at camp.


When they were all out, Jo Jo closed the door and the bus pulled away. “I’m going to pick up a trailer with your luggage! ” she called.


They saw a sign that read ” Registration” and walked towards it.


“Hi! I’m Kaily!” the girl called.


“Hi, I’m Isabelle!” Izzy said.

“Nice to meet you! I’m going to be your counselor! Will you please fill these out?” she pointed to a stack of registration forms.


“And sign over there,” Kaily said while sorting through the papers they had given her.


Kaily opened a drawer and pulled out a pile of keys.”There are seven of you, and only six keys,” she told us. “Ivy, we weren’t expecting you, so you’ll have to share a  key with someone. Oh, and these are keys to your cabin, cabin number 7. Follow me; I’ll show you where your cabin is.”


Kaily opened the cabin door. “Ta-da!” she exclaimed. “This is cabin number seven, Lil’ Rainbows!”


Kaily took a piece of paper from her pocket. She started reading. “Ok, so bunk-mates are . . .”


Everyone held their breath, eager to know who they would be spending three months sleeping with.


“Tracy and Emily, Caroline and Molly, and Saige and Isabelle. Ivy, because we didn’t know you were coming, you are going to sleep on the floor.” Kaily reached under one of the bunk-beds and pulled out a sleeping bag. “You guys nap a little, I’ll be back for our first activity in an hour.”


Soon everyone was taking their shoes off, picking beds, and chatting.


Ivy was setting up her sleeping bag. Everyone looked happy,


except for Saige.

Her arms were crossed, and her face was turning red with anger.


“What’s the matter, Saige?” Kaily asked.


“I can’t bunk–!”


“Nothing’s wrong,” Isabelle interrupted.


“Something IS wrong! I can’t bunk with her!”


“Why can’t I just have a different bunk-mate!?” Saige cried.

“Well, the bunk-mates have already be assigned,” Kaily explained slowly. When she saw Saige’s mouth open to start yelling again, Kaily left the cabin.

“But–!” shouted Saige. She quickly turned around and pulled herself onto the top bunk.


After the sound of beds creaking and blankets moving had died down, Tracy, Caroline, Molly, Emily and Isabelle could hear Saige crying softly into her pillow.


Then everyone drifted to sleep, this was going to be a long day.


30 thoughts on “Camp Doll Diaries ~Registration~

  1. I loved this post! I really really love the bunk beds you made! You should do a tutorial on them sometime!!! Cool bus too!


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