OOTW: A Touch of Pink

Hello all you lovely readers! It is you favorite dolly, Saige! Being the completely awesome fashionista that I am, I have decided to bring you the amazing Outfit Of The Week! I’m not really gonna have a set date each week to bring you guys the new OOTW, but I will try to do it on Wednesdays. Anyway, this week my outfit is called ‘A Touch of Pink.’












I think this outfit is really cute and playful!

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Saige’s meet dress from AG

Shoes: Pink Crocs from Springfield

Necklace: MAG charm keeper necklace with the Easy Breezy outfit charm from AG

Earrings: Saige’s meet earrings from AG

Hair-clip: Flower hair-clip is from the Sunny Isles outfit from AG

 S a i g e ❤


Hi guys, it’s Loren! Like this post if you want me to keep doing OOTW! BTW, I just hit 1,100 page hits! Thank you all so much!



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