How to do a Simple Bun + A Braid of My Own Invention

I’m going to show all you lovely readers how to make a way too easy bun, and a braid I made-up!

We’ll start with the bun.


You will need:

An American Girl hairbrush

A spray bottle with water inside it (optional)

2 hair ties

1 clear elastic

1 bobby-pin (Not shown)

These are all the supplies needed for both hairstyles.


Brush out your dolls hair with water. (If you’re using it) Put her on a table so that her head is sticking off. Brush her hair again if necessary.


Put her hair in a high pony-tail. Then twist it.


Then twist it around the pony-tail holder. Bobby-pin the ends in place. Then slip the clear elastic over the bun to hold fly-aways down.


And now you’re done! Wasn’t that easy? I love buns, they are so easy to dress up or dress down!


You could tie a ribbon around it . . .


. . .Or something else pretty!


I really like messy buns! Just follow the same steps for the bun I showed you above, but make it looser and messier, and skip the clear elastic.


You can also leave some hair out of the bun and curl it!


The Nameless Braid

I couldn’t come up with a name . . .you guys should help me!


After you brush your dolls hair (With water, if you are using it), separate the hair in front of the ear on one side.


Braid it close to the end. Tie it off with an elastic you can actually see.


Then take hair from the other side, and bring it over that shoulder. Curl it if your doll has curly hair.


Then separate the hair in back into three equal parts.


Then take the little braid you made earlier, and take it over the first two sections, and under the last one.

Secure the little braid to the head with a bobby-pin.


Now we’re going to braid her hair! Twist the section closest to where we started the tiny braid. Twist all the pieces as you braid them.


Like this . . .


. . .And this.


Try to keep all the sections twisted as you braid them.

And once you’ve braided the whole thing . . . you should probably tie it off with a tie you can see!


Take the little braid and slip off the hair tie. You might have to undo some of the braid, depending on how close to the end you braided. Twist the un- braided part and fold it over onto itself. Then put the invisible elastic onto it.


Then bring it up behind the curled/straight piece and bobby-pin it in place.


Like so. I put hair over the end of the bobby-pin to cover it up.


And you’re done!



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