My Idea for GOTY 2015

I drew these back when I only knew that Girl of the Year 2015 would have (At least in the books) two friends, an artist and a math whiz.


This is Emma Ford. She is the main character. Emma has medium skin, green eyes, and Isabelle length brown hair. Her meet outfit is a blue and green plaid dress, and purple sandals. Her hair would come in a braid down the back, with green and purple ribbons covering two sections. She’d come with the wheelchair, it would be collapsible and fit on the side of the box.


This is Kate Armstrong, one of her BFFs. She is the artist. She had light skin, bright blue eyes, freckles, and Kit’s wig, but black. Her meet out fit would come with a white tee-shirt the says ‘I <3 art,’ pink sleeves, a v-neck, and pink spots on the neck line and bottom, a black bubble skirt, black high-top sneakers with hot pink laces, and a hot pink hair-clip.


And this is Jennifer Long, the math whiz. She has waist length light blonde hair that comes in two braids, light skin, brown eyes, and black glasses. Her meet outfit is an orange sweater, white tee-shirt with math equations on it, black jeans with orange thread, and gold cow-girl boots.

Emma likes making jewelry for her friends, and likes using her hands. She isn’t afraid of many of things, only falling. She is scared of falling out of her wheelchair, and not being able to move to get back in it.

Kate gets a lot of the jewelry Emma makes, especially earrings, because her ears are pierced. When she makes a new master piece, she’ll show it to Emma and Jen, and Emma gets inspired to make more jewelry by Kate’s drawings. She is a born leader, and likes being in charge.

Jen, as people call her, loves physics as well as math, and wants to be a scientist. She does math problems for fun. She is the quietest of her friends, and has really good advice.

I want to make these drawings into custom dolls . . .someday . . .

Would you buy these dolls?



7 thoughts on “My Idea for GOTY 2015

  1. I think you should send this to AG in the mail.
    I think it is a perfect GOTY doll. But I think the wheel chair would have to not come with the doll but a separate kit. Your drawling are so good! Thanks for the post!


  2. I would buy these as soon as they came out!! Maybe not Jen (Because she looks kinda like McKenna has what I can see..), but I would definitely Kate and Emma! And I totally agree with dolldiys, you should definitely send these picture to AG (by email or mail.) and tell the want you think. Maybe they’ll do it! :D


  3. I think AG would love to see this awesome idea. I really like McKenna but I don’t own her. I would totally get Emma. I really hope AG makes a GOTY like this, I think this is such a good idea and the girls meet outfits are so cute!
    : ) Hayley : )


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