What Is She Doing?! #1 — WINNERS

I’m very sorry this is two days late, What Is She Doing just slipped my mind :/


I asked my readers to caption this photo!

Out of three entries, the winner is . . .








Tracy: Kanani is my favorite GOTY!
*Isabelle starts spying on her*
Tracy: I mean, she’s so nice!
Isabelle: *thinks* Aw! You’re so nice!
Tracy: I mean, she’s like awesome at everything she does!
Isabelle: *thinks* True. Very true. I don’t care what she said about my hair, she can have that last ice cream bar!
Tracy: I just love Kanani!
Isabelle: WHAT?!
Tracy: I said I just love Kanani.
Isabelle: And to think, I almost gave up my last ice cream bar!


Congratulations, Carli! Please go check out her blog, American Girl Northwest!

Until next time, this is ‘What is She Doing?!’ run by Loren here at Happy House of AG!



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