What is She Doing?! #2

Hello there! I have a new ‘What is She Doing?!’ picture for you!


Here it is!!!!!

Just to let you know where Saige and Ivy are, they are lying/sitting on a giant map of the U.S.A. Since you can’t see the state names in this picture, Saige is touching Albuquerque, New Mexico, her hometown.

If you don’t know how to play ‘What is She Doing?!,’ here are the rules:

Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo.

On August 29th I’ll announce the winner.

There is no prize, this is just for fun.



13 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #2

  1. Saige: ok time to plan the the international horse show in New Mexico. What are you going to bring Ivy.Ivy,Ivy are you sleeping.
    Ivy: no I was um resting with my eyes clothes.
    Saige: you were snoring.
    Ivy:no I wasn’t
    Saige:yah you were.
    (Ivy snoring again)
    Saige: well there is no reason for me to not get ready.


  2. Saige: Ok, Ivy so what is the capitol of Virginia?
    -Ivy rolls over-
    Saige: IVY!!!! Wake up! We have to do homework!!
    Ivy: -get up- Huh? what, what? I’m up!
    Ivy: It’s summer we don’t have to do work.
    Saige: It’s our summer homework remember???
    Ivy: I just want to sleep, so leave me alone!
    Saige: Fine you can get a F for all I care! I’ll just do it myself and get an A.
    Ivy: Ok. Have fun.
    -Saige push’s Ivy off the map and picks it up-
    Saige: Goodbye!
    -Saige walks away-
    Ivy: byeee see you in a year!

    I know it is kinda stupid but it was fun :) I am sorry if I misspelled :)


  3. Saige: Psst. Ivy. IVY!!!
    (Ivy, now awake and surprised)
    Ivy: Huh?
    Saige: Ivy, you were supposed to help me with my geography homework!
    Ivy: Oh, sorry Saige. But this new magazine is so cool and it has a page with all different hairstyles and a rainbow cake and and and…
    Saige: Ivy, calm down! So, uh, where’s Wisconsin?
    Ivy: Oh look at this page! It’s room decorations!
    Saige: IVY!!!!


  4. Ivy: What are you doing? Are you doing some crazy stretch for horseback riding.
    Saige: No, silly this is my hometown.
    Ivy: I am tired.
    Saige: Well you’ve been asleep for the past hour. *mumbles*
    Ivy: WHAT!!!
    Saige: Yep
    Ivy: Why didn’t you wake me up!!
    Saige: I didn’t feel like it.
    Ivy: I had gymnastics, and I just missed it.
    Saige: Oh…


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