The Great Escape ~Part 7~

Hello! The next part of The Great Escape is here!

If you haven’t already, read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

I edited most of the pictures to make it look like night.



The list of names read:

‘Thalia and Tony Madison

Mary and James Smith

Cynthia and Andrew Thomas

Nancy and John Underhill

Megan and Tyler Waters’

Under the story were the death records.

‘Allison and Roger Brooks’


Amy ran over and hugged Lily, who looked like she might cry. Lily’s last name was Brooks. Her parents were dead. Of the six girls, Lily was closest to her family. The Brooks owned a restaurant, and Lily had done her school work there. She had almost always been with her parents. And now they were gone.

“I’m so sorry,” Amy said softly, afraid that she might cry, too.

Lily just closed her eyes and leaned against Amy’s shoulder.


“So, now we’re  orphans,” Regan whispered the words that were on everyone’s mind.


“What are we gonna do now?!” Maddi wailed. “We didn’t really have a plan, past escaping, and I guess we were all just gonna go home, but there is no home!”


“Listen to me, Madison Madison,” Regan put her hand on Maddi’s shoulder. “My mom and dad, Megan and Tyler Waters, are gone, too. But we have to keep going. Somewhere, there will be a place for us. We just have to find it.


“And the only way we’re going to find home, is by walking there.”


They had walked a long way, and now it was night. They had found another alley, and Natalie and Ellie, the ‘pack horses,’ were making beds.


The rest of the girls were discussing how Dr. Stark fit into all this. They were sitting in a circle, newspapers and posters spread in the middle of them.


“We found this first,” Lily held up a ‘Missing’ article from a newspaper.


She placed it next to the ‘Found’ posters.


“Last, we found . . . this.” Amy pushed the ‘We are Sad to Announce the Death of Ten Great People’ newspaper after the ‘Found’ posters.


“Maddi, do you, by any chance, still have that notebook?” Regan asked.


“Yeah, I do!” Maddi answered.


Maddi pushed the newspapers and posters aside, and laid the notebook down.


“I’m making a diagram,” Regan explained as she began writing. ” ‘Missing’ article in newspaper,” Regan said as she wrote.


“Dr. Stark? No,” she continued. “That’s because he isn’t mentioned in the article.” Regan told them.


When Regan was finished, Amy looked at the notebook. Only the ‘Missing’ newspaper add did not mention Dr. Stark.


Ellie and Natalie finished making the beds and sat down.

“Regan drew a diagram,” Amy showed them.


Suddenly, Amy asked, “Natalie, what do you know about your step-dad, Dr. Stark?”


“Um, not much,” Natalie replied, startled. “Just that he’s a scientist. I didn’t meet him before Mom and I moved into Stark Mansion this week.”


 Ellie yawned. “Let’s go to bed; I’m tired. All this escaping is making me sleepy!” Ellie said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.


They wiggled under their blankets, keeping their shoes on and making sure no arms or legs stuck out. October nights were cold.


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