The Great Escape ~Part 8~

Hello peoples of the world!

Yes, 2 ‘Great Escape’ posts in one day :)

If you haven’t already, read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7!


Early the next morning, Lily woke up thinking, Something’s wrong.

It took her a minute to notice what was wrong. During that time, she thought, I’m just superstitious.

But then she saw what was wrong.


Regan was gone.


Lily jumped out of her bed and shook Amy awake.

“Amy! Regan’s gone! Get up!”


Amy bolted upright. “Huh?” she asked.


“It’s Regan! She’s gone!” Lily repeated, pointing at Regan’s empty bed.


“Well, come on, then! Let’s find her!” Amy grabbed Lily’s hand and pulled her out of the alley.


“Wait! What about them?” Lily motioned at Ellie, Natalie, and Maddi, who were still sleeping. “What will happen when they wake up, and we aren’t here? They’ll probably have the same reaction as you and me. We need to stay together.”


Lily and Amy aroused their companions, and in less then ten minutes, ‘camp’ was packed up, and Lily was assigning ‘pack-horses’ for the day.


“Maddi and Natalie will carry the bedding today,” Lily said.

“But I carried bedding yesterday!” Natalie protested.

“I know, and tomorrow Maddi will  carry bedding again, and in place of you will be Regan, assuming we find her,” Lily explained.


Just as they were leaving the alley, Regan came running up!


“Where were you?” Lily asked, running up to meet her.


“I was just out for a morning run,” Regan said. “I used to do that every day with my . . . parents,” she finished quietly.


Lily gathered Regan up in a hug. “I was scared that ‘they’ had captured you again!” Lily whispered into Regan’s ear.

Regan made some sort of sound of protest that sounded like this: “Blah! Get me out of this hug!”



After walking three hours to the undecided location, Ellie slumped against a wall and sighed, “I’m so tired! I need a break.”


“No,” Regan said sharply. “We need to keep going.”


“Regan,” Lily said gently, putting her hand on Regan’s shoulder. “We have been walking for three hours straight. Give her a break, she’s only ten.”

“Ok,” Regan muttered.

“Let’s rest here for bit,” Lily announced.


Everyone sat down and started talking.


Little did they know they were being spied on.



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