Dolls Domain

Hey lovelies! My friend, Kelly, was inspired by the awesomeness of Happy House of AG to create her own blog! It’s called Dolls Domain (It took us about half ‘n hour to come up with that), and she would love it if you would visit her blog *here!* Her first goal is to get 30 followers in one day (Quite ambitious. . .), and so far, she only has 2. So please go check her blog out!


Loren the Awesome

P.S. I have 31 followers!!! Thank you guys all SO much!!!! Maybe a giveaway will appear in the near future . . .


10 thoughts on “Dolls Domain

    • Yep, you are! She was very happy when you followed! I told her that following other people is good for her blog :) She wanted me to make this post so that all my 31 followers would go follow Dolls Domain xD

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      • Yeah, usually when people follow other people, it makes the other person wanna follow the other person! (Did that make sense?) Like, when Kelly followed me first, I decided to follow her. Then I found out that you two were friends :)


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