What is She Doing?! #2 — WINNERS

I’m so sorry I forgot about this again! Maybe I’ll have to put it on the calendar so I don’t make that mistake a third time . . .


So, about the winners. Yes, I said WINNERS! There is a TIE!

Congratulations . . .

Kate and AGgirl4ever!


Saige: Ahhh homework, how invigorating, joyful, wonderful…..
Ivy: (talking in sleep) Yes Miss Poodle, my dog ate my homework…snore.

And AGgirl4ever’s:

Saige: Psst. Ivy. IVY!!!
(Ivy, now awake and surprised)
Ivy: Huh?
Saige: Ivy, you were supposed to help me with my geography homework!
Ivy: Oh, sorry Saige. But this new magazine is so cool and it has a page with all different hairstyles and a rainbow cake and and and…
Saige: Ivy, calm down! So, uh, where’s Wisconsin?
Ivy: Oh look at this page! It’s room decorations!
Saige: IVY!!!!


Thank you everyone who participated!!!



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