The Great Escape ~Part 10~

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After days of searching newspapers for the perfect au-pair/babysitter/person to live with,  they had arrived at her doorstep.


Lily knock three times on the door. Knock, knock, knock!


A young woman, about seventeen, answered the door. “Hello?” she said.


“Hi!” Natalie said. Then she got right to the point. “Would you be willing to basically adopt six girls of ages varying from ten to twelve?”


The young woman laughed. “Certainly. Come on in and take a shower. You look like you could definitely use one.”


Once the girls had all showered, and had a fresh change of clothes on, they gathered in the living room, where the young woman was waiting.


“I see I had clothes that fit you,” she said.


“Yes, thank you, they fit perfectly,” Lily replied.


“Take a seat — wherever you can.” The young woman motioned them over. Turns out, five of the girls had to sit on the floor because there were only two seats.


“Alright,” the woman began. “I’m Nellie Rodriguez. Who are all of you?”


“I’m Lily Brooks,” Lily told Nellie.


After everyone had said who there were, Nellie pulled out her phone. “It can’t be!” she exclaimed. “The news has an article about where each of you are right now! Regan is at a swimming competition in Washington, Ellie is at a horse race, Maddi is at –“


Amy interrupted her. “It’s a long story . . .” She told Nellie about getting captured, escaping, finding out that they had been cloned, and finally, showing up in her living room on 568 South Boulevard, Star City, California.


Nellie just stared. Finally she said, “I’ve heard that the real Regan Waters can do fifty push-ups in a minute. Drop and give me fifty!”


She opened a timer app and set it to a minute.


Regan began doing just that, but you could tell she was in pain. “Regan, stop. You’re going to hurt yourself,” Lily said.

“No! I need to keep going!” Regan insisted halfheartedly.

Finally Nellie stopped Regan, and Amy explained that she had a broken ankle.


Next, Nellie said, “Natalie, do your catwalk wink!”

Natalie stood up and winked the way she did at the end of a runway, then spun on her heel.


It continued in this manner down the line of girls; Nellie asking them to do something, and them doing it perfectly. Nellie sighed happily. “I believe you. And I’ll foster you, too.”


The girls all jumped up and cheered. Amy pumped her fist in the air.


Nellie opened ‘Snap-chat’ and took a picture.


 ‘Celebrating with my new foster kids!!’

She sent it to her foster buddy, Alina. They were best friends, and had decided together to foster.


The girls rushed over and hugged Nellie.

“Thank you, thank you!”


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