The Great Escape ~Part 11~

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The girls waited restlessly for Nellie and Regan to get home from the doctor. After the celebration had quieted down, Nellie had immediately taken Regan to the emergency room to do something about her broken foot.

AG Isabelle on crutches.

Finally, the door opened and Nellie came in, followed by Regan.


When Ellie and Maddi saw Regan’s crutches and cast, they jumped off the couch. Maddi ran to get some pillows.


They helped Regan lie down on the couch, and Maddi tucked a pillow under Regan’s injured foot.


“I can take care of myself,” Regan snapped. “No need to help me do everything.”


“While you’re hurt, you need to get used to the idea of being a patient!” Ellie told her, running off to the kitchen to get some water.


She came back with a red plastic cup, and held it to Regan’s lips.


Regan swatted it away. “I’m pretty sure I can drink a little bit of water by myself!” she exclaimed.


Quickly, Nellie suggested, “Why don’t we watch a movie?”


She placed her laptop on a little table, and pulled it up next to the sofa.


“Let’s watch Horseland!” Ellie said.

Nellie shook her head. “Regan will pick.”


“Let’s watch the McKenna movie,” Regan said.

“Okay.” Nellie clicked on it.


Natalie, Maddi and Ellie gathered around as the movie started.


An hour and a half later, when the movie finished, Regan was asleep on the couch; out cold.


Nellie placed a blanket over her, and everyone went to bed.


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