Mini Dolls can Talk?


Yeah, that’s right! I CAN TALK!

Ahem, let me introduce myself. I am Mini Rebecca Rubin the First!

My new owner, Tracy, said I should post something about myself! I don’t have a lot to say about ME at the moment, but I love purple! That’s why I’m typing in purple!


Anyway, look at what I found!


It’s a mini Julie!


*blows a raspberry* Tracy is all mine, MINE, you hear!


Tracy did a little photoshoot with me this morning :)



Tracy said that her mom found me at Books a Million. There were other pre-Beforever mini dolls there, along with Mini Cecile and Maire-Grace. At Costco, where she found that Julie doll, there was a Pomeranian doggie, a sheepdog, and a terrier.

Until next time,

Mini Rebecca Rubin the First


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