OOTW: I Need Your Help!

Yes, I have done a very bad job at doing OOTW. I confess.

So, are there any themes for future OOTW that you would like to see? If so, please tell me, the amazing Saige, in the comments!

I made a collage of all the OOTWs (Except Lilac Lace and Summer Princess) so far, here it is!

OOTW a Hint of Pink1

Then I made separate collages of each one.

OOTW a Hint of Pink

A Hint of Pink

OOTW Rainy Days

Rainy Days


Summer Sunshine

OOTW Greek Chic

Greek Chic

OOTWWeird Animals


Summer Princess

Summer Princess

(Most of the photos from the photoshoot are in this collage, but some are missing. My editing software was being a pain . . .)

Lilac Lace

Lilac Lace

OOTW Moonlit Garden

Moonlit Garden

OOTW Cutest in the Class

Cutest in the Class

OOTW Dreams of Paradise

Dreams of Paradise

 I hope you enjoyed looking at past OOTWs! My favorites are probably Dreams of Paradise, Wild, Greek Chic, Summer Sunshine, Lilac Lace, and Cutest in the Class. So, yeah, pretty much all of them :D

Don’t forget to comment with a suggestion for future OOTWs!


What OOTW is your favorite?


8 thoughts on “OOTW: I Need Your Help!

  1. Wow, I love your collages! I think my favorite might be Rainy Days. But Summer Princess is amazing, too, and I also like Summer Sunshine. LOL! At the moment I don’t really have any ideas for an outfit, but I would say let your dolls clothes inspire you. Put on outfit together from the clothes you have, and then think of a theme for it!
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. Here are some outfit themes that I thought of: shopping day, any color(go through the colors of the rainbow!), sporty, rainbow(get all the colors in one outfit!), doll themed(so what one of your dolls would wear on a typical day), and cowgirl. Hope you like some of my ideas! :)


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