The Un-Doll Related Thing

‘Sup, Saige here!

The title says it all. Today, we have something completely un-doll related to show you.



Unicorn (A.K.A. Loren) painted her nails! She, like, NEVER does that.


She calls them her ‘rock star nails.’ And, the way she cares for them is totally unnatural. Like, part of the gold nail chipped off, and she tried to get her family to find it so she could glue it back on!

Unicorn. Is. Obsessed.

Hi guys, it’s Unicorn (Otherwise know as Loren)!

I  was thinking about maybe starting another blog, about the things I like other then dolls, like writing, acting, drawing . . . that kind of stuff.

Happy House of AG will still be my main blog, of course.

But would you like that? Another blog, I mean?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Thumbs up for cupcakes! =)






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