Happy Birthday, Emily!


I awoke to a noise coming from the bedroom door. When I saw dark brown curls, I knew that it was Molly.


I got out of bed and went to get dressed.


Then, when I went to get breakfast, I was met by my whole family. “Happy birthday, Emily!” they shouted.


“Oh my! It is my birthday!” I thought aloud.


I sat down in the chair I was offered and Caroline pushed me in to a small table.


“Let’s do presents now!” Molly squealed.


That’s when I noticed a pile of presents on the table.


“Open ours, first!” Saige and Isabelle said in unison.


I started to open the little pink bag they had passed to me.


I pulled the tissue paper out. Inside was a necklace with an ‘E’ charm and a hairclip that said ‘Emily.’ “Thank you ever so much!” I told them.


My next present was in a blue box. “It’s from me and Caroline,” Ivy said.


I opened the box up and pulled out a book called ‘The Prophet, the Shepard, and the Star.’ “Thank you!” I exclaimed. “I love reading.” I heard Ivy say something under her breath that sounded like “It  took Loren almost a year to read that . . . hope it’ll keep you busy . . .”


The last thing was a card from Tracy.


Inside was a library card!


“There’s one more thing from Molly,” Caroline said. “She didn’t put it on the table because it isn’t wrapped. You know how she likes surprises.”


As Molly scampered off to get the gift, she called over her shoulder, “Close your eyes!”


I heard Molly come back and paper shuffling on the table as the other gifts and wrapping were removed. “OK, you came open them now!”


My eyes flew open and I took in what Molly had placed in front of me. It was a poster with pictures of Molly and me!


I jumped up and gave Molly a hug. “Thank you! It’s perfect! I know exactly where I’ll put it.”


So Molly helped me hang it up in our bedroom so that I’d be able to see it every day to remind me of our special friendship.


The End


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Emily!

  1. Love the photostory!

    OH MY GOODNESS! I totally forgot MY Emelie’s birthday! *slaps face* She’ll have to celebrate her birthday late this year……oh, poor Emelie I just TOTALLY forgot.


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