What is She Doing?! #3


I thought it was time for another . . . *drumroll* . . . WHAT IS SHE DOING?!


Alright, so Ivy has her head in a bag of Mega M&Ms (Have I ever mentioned that she has a sweet tooth?) and Caroline has just noticed this. Sorry Caroline has some odd clothes on; I was getting ready for pt. 1 of Victorian Beauties.

If you don’t know how to play ‘What is She Doing?!,’ here are the rules:

Leave a comment with one or two captions for this photo.

On October 8th I’ll announce the winner.

There is no prize, this is just for fun.


Oh, and Ivy wanted to show you all something . . .


MEGA M&MS!!!!! I’M IN LOVE! he he, Ivy signing off. Click.

Bye, and good luck!



13 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #3

  1. Ivy: Mmmm much munch…..

    Caroline: Ivy, What on earth are you doing?

    Ivy: I think I’m in Heaven..not earth. These M&Ms are amazing!

    Caroline: Ivy, aren;t you going to get sick?

    Ivy: NEVER! M&Ms are my new favorite food! You need food to live!

    Caroline: I’ll go grab a celery stick….


  2. Caroline – “IVY! those M&Ms are going to make you HUGE!”
    Ivy – “How can they make me huge? I couldn’t be fat if I tried! I’m an AG doll.”
    Caroline – “Ivy! Come on! you know you shouldn’t!”
    Ivy – “Loren want’s me to do this so she can do a What Is She Doing.”
    Caroline – ” She already took the picture!”
    Ivy – “She might want to take another.”
    Caroline – “You’re IMPOSSIBLE!” *walks away*


  3. Caroline: (Caroline walks in and is silent for a moment) Ivy…. Are you…. What are you doing!
    Ivy: Emily let me have her birthday candy!
    Caroline: why…
    Ivy: who asked u?
    Caroline: Ivy listen now.
    Ivy: oh fine what is is
    Caroline: can I have some?


  4. Caroline: (slowly) Ivy? What are you doing head first in the bag of M&Ms?
    Ivy: (muffled) I was practicing my handstands and…uh, well…the M&Ms just happened to be in the wrong place in the wrong time…and well… I kind of got stuck.
    Caroline: *gaping*
    Ivy: (muffled) *munch* Mmm! These are good!


  5. 5 Days Earlier…
    Ivy: Hey Caroline!
    Caroline: Huh?
    Ivy: Ya know, I think we’ve been eating way to much junk food lately, I’m going to go on a mold free diet.
    Caroline: Ivy, you know that a mold free diet basically cuts out %90 percent of what you eat?
    Ivy: Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’m only doing it for a week!
    Caroline: Twenty bucks says you cant!
    Ivy: Oh you’re on!
    The Present…
    Ivy: *walks by the M&Ms* thinks: Well, Caroline isn’t anywhere in sight, and my poor stomach hasn’t eaten an M&M in five days! Oh who am I kidding? *dives into M&M bags* Mmmmm! SO GOOD!
    Caroline: Ivy?
    Ivy: *mouth full* Huh? Oh hi Caroline! I was just… er… checking to see if this M&M bag was ligit, see, I didn’t want you to be ripped off.
    Caroline: Ivy, all the stuff you would check for that is OUTSIDE the bag.
    Ivy: Oh really? Say, you’re right! Heh heh.
    Caroline: Has anyone every told you you are a terrible liar?


  6. Ivy: *munch munch munch*
    Caroline: Ivy! Be careful!!
    Ivy: *muffled* of, don’t worry, I’m limiting myself to only five million M&M’s. I’ll be fine.
    Caroline: No, I mean, be careful how you do that AWFUL headstand. You’re going to break your neck!



  7. Ivy: Hello? Girls? (Thinks) Good, no one’s looking.
    Ivy gets into the m&m’s, and after about five minutes, Caroline walks in.
    Caroline: Ivy… what are you doing in the m&m’s bag?
    Ivy(thinks) Busted… (Speaks, getting out of the bag) Hide and seek with Emily?
    Caroline: Emily is at a friend’s house.
    Ivy: (gulps) Sorry?


  8. I got another one! I hope I can do two I just wanted to do two.
    * means thinking.
    Isabelle: “Caroline is being so annoying with her ‘don’t eat junk food for a week’ thing.
    Ivy: “Yeah, that means nothing but gruel and bread crusts.”
    Isabelle: “Maybe we can go to the store and sneak some snacks.”
    Ivy: “Let’s go!”
    At the store, Ivy and Isabelle eat an ice cream cone and buy an m&m’s bag to eat together. They hide it in the cabinet.
    Ivy: * Ugh, this bag is so heavy.* “Isabelle!” *Got it. Cannonball! Okay, maybe dive.* “Yummy yum yum.”
    Caroline walks in.
    Caroline: “Ivy!”
    Ivy: “What-y!”
    Caroline: “No more sweets! You are so busted!”


  9. Ivy- “He-he! Caroline will NEVER get me here! MUWAHAHAHAHA! *thinks* *What is this bag of stuff here?* Ivy turns around bag and sees the ‘M&M’ logo.
    Ivy- “OH MY GOODNESS! I am so in heaven! Wait- Caroline is going to KILL me if she finds me near her M&Ms!” “Ah, who cares!”
    Ivy dives headfirst into bag.
    Ivy- “Yum!(Gobble gobble smack) Theshe arfe so gooo!(Munch Munch)”
    Caroline walks in room.
    Caroline- “IVY!!!!”
    Ivy-“Munch Munch! Uh, I mean, Mrrmf! Help me!”
    Caroline-” Ivy Jade Ling!”
    Caroline yanks Ivy out of the bag.
    Ivy-” Thank you very much Caroline!!!”
    Caroline-What were you doing in there?!”
    Ivy-“Well, you see, I was just walking around, and this random guy just grabbed me! He stuffed me in this bag and-
    Caroline-“You are so busted!”
    Ivy-“Yes, I know-
    Caroline-“I always knew you made stuff up for attention!”
    Ivy-*thinks* PHEW!


  10. I think Ivy is looking for the prize!
    “Where is it?” she mutters.
    “Where is what?” Caroline asks, walking into the room.
    “The prize. There was supposed to be one.”
    “Oh, um, well, you see, I took it..”
    “Oh, whatever! That’s ok, ’cause i just found a PINK MNM!!!”
    “Right…” says Caroline, guilty of putting a red mnm in her mouth then putting it back in the bag.


  11. Caroline: So Saige tells me that you missed gymnastics class because you fell asleep.
    Ivy: I don’t care if I can’t see these M And M’s are the-
    Caroline: Ivy!
    Ivy: Whaaaaaaaaat
    Caroline: Are you listening? What are you eating?
    Ivy: They’re M and M’s, what do you think i’m eating, a hamburger?
    Caroline: Awwww, let me have some.
    Ivy: Hmmmm, no
    Caroline: Fine, I think mom bought some halloween candy the other day I’ll have some of that.
    *Caroline leaves the room*


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