100 Posts, Poems with Molly and Emily, a Reminder, and a Giveaway Later

This is my 100th post.

Thank you all so much.

Every person who has ever viewed this blog, commented, liked, or followed: thank you.

I honestly can’t believe I’m at a hundred posts. It’s a big milestone, (as is 41 followers! Your guys are great!) and I never could have reached it with out all of you.

So, ya. And, once again, for the third time, thank you.

Anyway, I was bored, so I wrote some poetry:


Sweet gray eyes,

every day with you is a surprise


Coppery red hair,

never have I met someone so fair

OK, so here’s the reminder part:
The AG Fan Meet-up is today!!


I’m probably not gonna meet anybody, but I’m going to participate anyway.

I’ve got like, one plain blue shirt, so if you see this:

on a girl with straight brown hair just below her shoulders in a side bubble braid, and gray eyes like Molly’s, it could very well be me!

The last thing is . . . look for a not-very-good giveaway coming up soon!

OK, bye!



28 thoughts on “100 Posts, Poems with Molly and Emily, a Reminder, and a Giveaway Later

  1. Congratulations on 100 posts! I love your blog, and you deserve every follower.
    I don’t know if anyone met any other doll lovers yesterday(I hope they did!), but if they didn’t, I’d say that your meet up was a success, because now I know that I love bubble braids!!


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