Elven Hairstyle


You will need:
An American Girl hairbrush (or wire hairbrush)

Squirt bottle

Two elastics


After you brush your doll’s hair, take two medium sized sections from the front.


Tie them together in the back with one of your elastics.


Then take a small (but not tiny) section from behind one of her ears.


Divide that section into two even parts. You’re going to fishtail this, so if you don’t know how to fishtail, look below . ..


Take a tiny piece of hair from 1 (left side).DSC_0557

Cross it over, and join it with  part 2 (right side). Repeat, but starting with 2 instead of 1.


Fishtail halfway down, and tie it off with the other elastic.


And you’re done :)


I was watching Clone Wars with my bro while taking the pictures for this how-to, so . .. #selfiewithRex



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