This is Not a Post


You guys make me laugh. =)


No, wait, this IS a post. I have got an idea. Just hold on while I catch it . . .


OK, so I have this idea for a new photostory series. The BFF Wars. Izzy will star as Tori. KK, here’s the cast list . . .

Isabelle as Tori

Caroline as Jules

Emily as Charlotte

Ivy as Venus

Saige as Teresa

Tracy as Ashley

Molly as Sianne


No, I’m not dumping Victorian Beauties. I finished taking the pictures back in October, probably. But part 4 is taking a long time to make. I have to edit most of the pictures, and it’s not an easy edit . . . guess I’ll just have to get Mom to do it . . .

So, I’ll get V.B. up before I start The BFF Wars series.



9 thoughts on “This is Not a Post

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