The BFF Wars — Part 1


My Best-Friend-for-Life-No-Matter-What Jules Bailey was talking with Popular Girl Venus Abbe. Venus Flytrap (as I like to call her) had just moved here from Paris. Someone had spread the rumor that she was “lonely and afraid in this new country.” But, Venus had actually lived most of her life in the States, and her family had only moved to Paris two years ago. So, she wasn’t exactly “lonely and afraid.”

But still, what was Jules doing hanging out with her?

We always spent this time together.


And then Venus and Jules gave each other the secret handshake that I had invented.

That made me burning mad.

Only ME and JULES knew that handshake.

Why did Jules teach her that?


I came up to them.

“Aww, look who it is. Tiny Tori,” Venus jeered.


I shrugged it off. “Jules, what are you doing?” I demanded.


Jules turned white. She hadn’t seen me standing alone down the hall, wondering WHY ON EARTH SHE WAS SHOWING VENUS FLYTRAP OUR SECRET HANDSHAKE.

“C’mon, Jules,” Venus said.


Then she grabbed Jules’s hand and towed her away.


I sighed. What was going on?

I’d find out later that day.



Jules went over to Venus’s house — correction, mansion — that day to spend the night. Jules had gotten out her cell phone and was “dialing the number on the screen.”


“Hello? I’d like to enter the Wars. I’m Jules Bailey. And could you enter Tori Lee as the other team? Thank you.” Jules hung up.


“Are we in?” Venus asked eagerly.




There was a knock on my door. I opened it — nothing. I was about to close the door when I saw a piece of paper taped to the handle.


Jules and Venus challenge YOU to The BFF Wars. Have your team ready in 2 days. You’re already signed up.

<3 ~ Team Jules


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