Thanksgiving Fun


What with all the photostories and photoshoots in our busy life, Molly and I haven’t had much time together. So, while the rest of the girls were still preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner tonight, Molly and I sneaked off to have some BFF time.


There was a pretty display of flowers on the humans’ table, and we gave names to the colors of flowers. The one Molly is pointing to, we named “Creamsicle.”


Then we began to duel! (Thank goodness they were only butter knives . . .)


Only when I’m alone with Molly does my true inner star shine.


After a close encounter with falling off the giants’ table, we looked out the window and watched for our relatives.


But after about six seconds, that got boring, so we dared each other to run through the snow outside barefoot!


It was SO COLD!


Molly survived the cold the longest.


We came inside and sat before the fire to warm our footsies, drank hot chocolate, and filled out the Thanksgiving worksheets Caroline made.


Here’s mine. Caroline  wrote “THANKSGIVING” vertically on the page, and then we write a word around it of something we’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because often, we take things like family, our house, good health, and food for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving!



13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Fun

    • Emily and Molly are super hyper right now . . . I don’t think they’ve even found the soda . . . (BTW, that’s the affects of their together time) Yeah, she is such a pretty doll! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

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  1. Aw, that’s AWesome! :) Emily and Molly looks like they had fun. Sweet BFF time. <3 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Just finished stuffing my face with all the turkey you can eat. Looks like the turkey stuffed me….


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