The BFF Wars — Part 2


The next day at school, I was determined to figure out what that BFF Wars note was all about. Jules and Venus Flytrap were hanging out again. Perfect, I thought. Two birds with one stone.


“Hey Tiny Tori,” Venus greeted.


I pulled the note out of my three-ring binder and waved it under their noses. “Tell me about this?”


“Oh, this?” Venus leaned over to study the paper, as if she hadn’t written it herself. “It’s what it looks like. Jules and I challenge you to The BFF Wars. And you’d better find a new best friend to enter it with, because Jules is mine.”


“Jules?” I said softly.

She just looked down and wouldn’t meet my eyes.


Venus marched off, head held high. Jules followed her like a loyal dog.

“Have your new bestie by tomorrow morning!”


I sighed. What choice did I have? I was already signed up. I had to have someone to enter it with. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl sitting on a bench, happily doing homework.

And yes, I did say happily.

Charlotte Kim was the only person in the school — maybe even the world — that you could put the two words happily and homework together, and have it still make sense.


I walked over. Charlotte was as good as anyone, and I knew that she would rock the academics challenge in The BFF Wars.

“Um . . . hi.”


Charlotte looked up from the book report she was writing.  She smiled warmly. “Hello.”


I sat down. “So, I, uh, wanted to ask you a question.”

I took the note from my three-ring binder and showed it to her. I don’t really know why I did it — it was just nice to tell someone.


“Why are you telling me this?” she asked after I showed the note to her and explained my situation.


I shrugged. “Well, you seem nice.”


Clearing my throat, I added, “And I need someone to enter it with.”


“You mean . . .” She pointed to herself. “Me?”


I smiled as I came to my sudden decision. “Would you, Charlotte, like to be my best friend?”


She nodded rapidly, head bobbing up and down. “No one’s ever wanted to be my best friend before,” she admitted quietly. “They think I’m just a goody two-shoes.”


I smiled even brighter. “So, do you want to enter The BFF Wars with me?”

“I’m in.”


17 thoughts on “The BFF Wars — Part 2

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Josie! I have all the pictures for Victorian Beauties, but pt. 4 needs most of the pictures to be edited. I’m really, REALLY bad at this edit, so I’m trying to get my mom to do it for me. When she does edit the pictures, I’ll write up part 4 and 5 and post them. But I just couldn’t wait to do The BFF Wars, so . . . yeah :) Hope that made sense!


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