The BFF Wars — Part 3


Charlotte spent the night at my house that day. We called it a “team-building exercise,” but it was really more of a “laugh until you ACTUALLY CAN’T BREATHE,” exercise.

I woke up, yawned, rubbed my eyes, and checked my e-mail.


There was one that really caught my eye, though. And it was from Venus.

R U ready? have u got a team? you’d better, cuz we’ll be there to pick u up in 20 mins.

— Venus

And then, in teeny tiny writing on the bottom of the page, was “sent 14 minutes ago.”

“Oh my goodness! We only have six minutes to get ready!” I exclaimed.


I shook Charlotte to wake her up. “Get up! Get UP!” When she opened her eyes, I shouted, “Six minutes and we’re out the door!”


We tugged our shoes on and ran to the kitchen.


We shoveled down our breakfast in record time.


Then we brushed our hair.


And teeth.


 Venus’s limo pulled up just as Charlotte and I dashed out the front door. We piled into the back, and I sat as far away from Jules as I could.


We got dropped off at the filming location of The BFF Wars. We found our way to the hosts from our knowledge of the show. They were in a little building that looked like a ski lodge on the inside, and the three young woman that ran the show were grouped around a fire place.


Two of them, Ashley and Sianne, would do anything for fashion. That’s why they were wearing sleeveless dresses in November.


The other, Teresa, was much more practical. She was my favorite.


Venus ran over to Ashley and shook her hand. “Can I have your autograph?” She tried to sound calm and casual, but you could tell that she was almost hysteric.


“Later, sweetie,” Ashley replied.


Teresa came over to us and said, “Follow me.”


We followed her down a hallway and to a small room.


It had two bunk-beds in it — just enough room for all of the contestants.


“Get some sleep,” Teresa advised as we picked beds.


I didn’t need to be told twice — in fact, I didn’t even need to be told once. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. We were all tired from the trip (Venus’s limo, two planes, and another limo took us across the country), so all the girls soon went to sleep.

Tomorrow the Wars would begin.


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