What is She Doing?! #3 — WINNERS

*sigh* Wow. I’m terrible at doing What is She Doing on time.

ANYWAY! I asked my readers to caption the photo below.


The winning captions are . . .


Caroline – “IVY! those M&Ms are going to make you HUGE!”
Ivy – “How can they make me huge? I couldn’t be fat if I tried! I’m an AG doll.”
Caroline – “Ivy! Come on! you know you shouldn’t!”
Ivy – “Loren want’s me to do this so she can do a What Is She Doing.”
Caroline – ” She already took the picture!”
Ivy – “She might want to take another.”
Caroline – “You’re IMPOSSIBLE!” *walks away*

Ellie H.:

Caroline: (slowly) Ivy? What are you doing head first in the bag of M&Ms?
Ivy: (muffled) I was practicing my handstands and…uh, well…the M&Ms just happened to be in the wrong place in the wrong time…and well… I kind of got stuck.
Caroline: *gaping*
Ivy: (muffled) *munch* Mmm! These are good!


Thank you everyone that entered! I enjoyed them all =)



3 thoughts on “What is She Doing?! #3 — WINNERS

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