Secret Santa


“Gather round, one and all! Secret Santa is about to begin!” Saige announced.


Caroline waved her hand in the air. “Um, Saige? What, exactly, is Secret Santa?”


“Yeah, Saige,” Molly added. “Can you explain the rules or something?”


Saige sighed and shook her head. “You Historical Characters . . . Well, we all draw a name, and then we go Christmas shopping for the girl. On Christmas day, we’ll each have a present from someone in the family. But you can’t tell anyone who you got until Christmas. Got it?”


Saige picked up a purple box with seven slips of paper inside.


She held it out to Caroline. “OK, sis. Pick a name.”


Caroline put her hand inside, stirred the names around, and pulled out . . .


Ivy’s name!


And so on around the room the little purple box went. Ivy got Emily’s name.


And Isabelle got Molly’s.


Tracy drew out Isabelle.


Emily got Caroline . . .


and Molly got Saige!


And that left Saige with Tracy’s name.


“Alright, people, let’s go shopping!”


Hi guys! Wow, it’s December already! :0 Christmas will be here soon. Yippee! Well, it looks like the girls are going to have fun with Secret Santa. It works with people, too, of course. :) I’m doing it with my AHG troop! It was my brilliant idea, of course. *flips hair*

Tell me if you do Secret Santa with your dolls (or with your family and/or friends), or want to!



11 thoughts on “Secret Santa

  1. Awesome! Are you doing another part (hopefully)? My family pulls a name every day and does something nice for them like make their bed or do their chore or just a nice note :-)


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