Days Till Christmas ~ 16

 16 Days Till Christmas:

 Go through your doll collection to make room for new items. Sell or donate what you no longer want!




Sorry for such a super short post :/ I was going to post my giveaway (Yay me!), but one of the things isn’t finished. So hopefully it will be up tomorrow. Oh, and can you believe that Christmas is only 16 days away?! I’m sick at the moment, hopefully it’ll go away before then =) I wouldn’t want to be in a coughing fit while opening presents, would I? Oh, and I’m REALLY hoping that my family doesn’t get sick, either. Why does it always seen like you get sick around the “best time of the year?”

Please excuse my ramblings, dears. Hopefully you’re used to it by now. ;)


Geez, I just realized how many times I used “hopefully.” Like four times or something xD


6 thoughts on “Days Till Christmas ~ 16

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