Another GOTY Idea

So, we now know what GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas will look like.

(found on ToDOLLY Awesome) Even though this is only the creepy I-just-saw-a-ghost mini doll version. But I wanted to show you guys another idea I had for a Girl of the Year.

Kaylyn Evans


 So yeah, there she is :) Also, I must admit that I am truly terrible at drawing people and most other things. So if you stop reading this now because of all the horrible drawings, I don’t blame you ;)

ANYWAY! Here is a summary of Kaylyn’s story, otherwise know as  just stuff about her(oh yeah, she lives in Pennsylvania):

She loves animals (yes, yes, I know we’ve had dolls like that before but who can resist baby animals?! Just search baby cats ☺) and she volunteers at the local animal shelter four times a week.  So then her mom tells her that her Aunt Sandra is getting married and she wants Kaylyn to be a bridesmaid.


That’s her bridesmaid dress.

But then it turns out that her aunt’s wedding is on a Friday. And that certain Friday is the day before an adoption thing at the shelter. Kaylyn is torn — she wants to be in her aunt’s wedding, but she also wants to get the pets ready so that they all have a good chance at getting a home. Well, she finally decides to help Aunt Sandra after a new girl named Scarlet moves into town. Scarlet loves animals, too, and she volunteers in Kaylyn’s place that day. Scarlet’s parents bought a huge property a little way from the main town. Kaylyn and Scarlet quickly become friends and when Scarlet invites Kaylyn to her house she shows Kaylyn her Thoroughbred horse Mischief, otherwise know as Missy.


Riding outfit. ^ (But I think the boots would have purple swirls on it.)

But Kaylyn and the horse don’t exactly mesh. Missy bucks Kaylyn at one point, so that’s that.


And then here’s her pajamas.


And a causal outfit.


Right before Kaylyn’s birthday in June (the 23, to be precise), her parents buy a house and they move out of the apartment. Kaylyn is really upset to be moving because a year ago her best friend moved to Connecticut. So Kaylyn thinks that she will probably move somewhere far away, too, like Colorado. But then it turns out she just moves to a nice sized house with a huge yard. And it’s just a ten minute walk from Scarlet’s house! And on Kaylyn’s birthday, guess what she gets? Her favorite cat and dog from the shelter! Kaylyn has always wanted a pet, but the apartment she used to live in didn’t allow it.

I guess that’s it! Oh, and the outfit above is her birthday outfit. That’s my favorite one ♥


14 days till Christmas:

Dress up your doll in her finest holiday outfit.






9 thoughts on “Another GOTY Idea

  1. I want to see this doll as GOTY 2015! And you are a TON better drawler than me! I love her birthday outfit! I think you NEED to send these into AG! I would totally buy her outfits! I think I would like her WAY better then Grace any day! (even though I have only seen two pictures of her :-) )


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