Welcome Home


I looked down at my map, and then back up at the house in front of me. Was this it?


I folded up my map and trudged up the walk, shivering all the while. December in Dollytown was so much colder than winter in Florida!


As I neared the house, I peered in a window. Seven girls were gathered around a Christmas tree, laughing, singing, and opening presents.


I pulled away and a tear slipped down my cheek. This was my second Christmas without Mom and Dad. Without a family, at that.


I walked up to the door and knocked, wishing I had more weather-appropriate clothes.


 One of the girls I had seen through the window opened the door. She had long blonde hair and kind blue eyes. “Merry Christmas!” she said. “How can I help you?”


“Merry Christmas,” I repeated. “Is this the Happy House of AG household?” I pointed to the location on my map.


She nodded. “It is.”


Then she took pity on the poor little tropical bird that had lost its way, which was me, and took my hand and led me inside.


I followed her to a toasty fire. She handed me a warm fleece blanket and I draped it around my shoulders.


She went to a kitchen and in a minute came back with a cup of hot chocolate. “I’m Caroline,” she told me.


In a few minutes, after I had finished my drink and was all warmed up, Caroline led me to the room where the Christmas tree was.


“Guys.” Caroline waved her hand at me.


I saw, propped up next to the tree, a dry-erase board. It read, Welcome home, Savannah Juliet Kingsley!

I stared. Wait a second, was that my name?

“I’m pleased to introduce our new sister . . .”




Yes, that’s right, I got My American Girl #55!!! I love her so much; she is so beautiful!!

Welcome home my dear Savannah ♥



14 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I have #55, too! Her name is Gabriela. She was living in an orphanage in Greece, and when she was 9 she was adopted brought to the United States. (That’s her story.) I know you will love her so much- she’s such a pretty doll!


      • I’m glad you like my photostory!

        Yes, of course! Truly Me #55 is really photogenic, and her hair is at a good length to style. You can curl her hair or brush it out. So, yes, I do recommend her. :)


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