What I Got for Christmas

Hello! Title is self-explanatory, below is all the cool stuff I got for Christmas, with a grand total of 8 American Girl sets =)


First up is To the Stars, Isabelle, Designs by Isabelle, a notebook that I’m doing Josie’s writing program in, and a book by Liz Kessler that I’ve been dying to read ever since it came out, North of Nowhere.
I got this incredibly soft purple bathrobe, but I’m wearing it right now so I can’t show you ;)

American Girl Isabelle's Legwarmer Set

I got Isabelle’s Legwarmers Set.


My mom got all my dolls gifts; a nutcracker, a tray, a notepad, a jar of mini M&Ms, a hat, scarf, and mittens set, an AHG uniform, and a mini pot, watering can, and seeds. Oh, and the just-add-water dirt stuff.

American Girl Himalayan Kitten and Rembrandt

Rembrandt and the My American Girl Himalayan Kitten.

American Girl Skateboard Set

The Skateboard Set.

American Girl Sparkly Camping Outfit

 The Sparkly Camping Outfit.


And then, of course, Savannah.


My parents put this dry-erase board in a box. They didn’t put Savannah under the tree, because of course I would know what it was. I mean, who could miss an American Girl doll box? So when I opened the one box with the dry-erase board in it, I totally freaked out.  I pretty much ran around the room screaming for a few minutes. (No, I’m just kidding, it was only a few seconds.)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for Christmas!

What was your “star gift?”

P.S. I’m working on a DIY, so maybe that will be up soon.


11 thoughts on “What I Got for Christmas

  1. I got an iPad mini, and the Rosy Red Holiday Dress for me and my doll. I asked for a few other AG things from my grandmother, but she’s not feeling well so I’ll probably open those next week. (;


  2. Savannah is so pretty and the name fits her SO WELL! Congrats on all your awesome gifts!
    I think my “star gift” was my new doll, but I can’t say who she is yet. ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3


  3. My star gift was my new doll Gabby. Gabby is a Newberry Doll from Sears Canada. She has blond hair, blue eyes and the same face mold as a My London Girl doll. She wasn’t in a box, but it was still too easy to tell it was her. She is my 6 th 18 inch doll.


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