New Year’s Eve


On that fateful day that is every year, called New Years Eve, the girls were gathered in the living room; Savannah watching Disney movies on the laptop, Tracy playing Minecraft on her phone, Molly writing, Caroline and Emily having a pleasant chit-chat, and Ivy trying very hard to read while the new kitten walked back and forth on her magazine.

But where are our lovely Girl of the Year friends, Saige and Isabelle?


Why, in their Cave of Despair, of course.

They had shut themselves up in a closet in Loren’s room the minute it was December 31, the last day of 2014.


They didn’t do anything. Only cry bitterly and watch Saige Paints the Sky and Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight again and again.


Nobody was allowed in — not even the girls’ pets, Coconut and Rembrandt.


Caroline was really quite worried about them. They were in such a state of despair that they didn’t even want ice cream.

She had knocked on the closet door and asked, “Can I come in? I have ice cream!”

“Leave us alone,” and “Go away,” was what she heard.


“I’ve got strawberry and vanilla for Isabelle, and banana and mint for Saige,” Caroline continued.

“NO!” they replied, and then burst into another round of sobs as they saw a picture of GOTY 2015 Grace.


They really were quite pathetic. Saige’s heart was broken because she was about to be retired for one whole year, and Isabelle thought that the world was ending because in a matter of hours she would no longer be the GOTY.


*Back in the living room*

Someone knocked on the door — our special visitor from Dolls Domain.


Emily rushed to let her in. “It’s Kanani!” she exclaimed.


“Yippee,” Tracy said sarcastically. She didn’t always get along with Kanani.


When Kanani came in, the New Years Eve party began!


There was pink velvet cake.


And Sprite,


and cupcakes!


And there was a rainbow of pom-poms on the floor. Since we didn’t have any balloons, the pom-poms were used instead. (This should be fun to clean up . . .)


On the house tour Kanani was kindly given by herΒ  frenemy Tracy, she walked into a pole.


And another.


Well, Tracy had to physically drag her sisters out of the Cave of Despair. They put up quite the fight; Saige even found the butter-knife Tracy was going to use to cut the cake.



Blooper =)


When Tracy finally retrieved the knife from her “traumatized” sister, she cut the cake.


Hehehe!! (Kelly from Dolls Domain is spending the night with me — we just tried a piece of the cake and it is very interesting. The icing is extremely textured — we kinda might have used granulated sugar instead of powdered :P)

The dolls are very determined to pull an all nighter. (So are me and Kelly — lets see if we can do it :) )



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