Grace is Here!!


Hi! Sorry, I just saw all the new GOTY stuff and that is pretty much my reaction :p

Here she is :) So, Kelly is here with me right now so you will get both of our opinions.

 HATE PINK!!:) But love the hair!

goty grace thomas

L: I think she is so pretty! Is it just me, or do her eyebrows look thicker than other dolls?

K:Really like the new freckle pattern

L: I can’t decide if Grace has a new face-mold of not. It looks similar to Josefina, but not quite. And I’m not sure I like the name Grace.

L: While I love the blue color and style of the PJs, they remind me of Kanani’s and Jess’s.

K: I kind of like Grace’s PJs, but I think the pants are a bit busy in my opinion.  And they do look like Kanani’s.

L: Ugh, I really don’t like this outfit. Too girly. And their are upside down CUPCAKES on the shirt.

K:Yeah, not my favorite outfit, WAY to many bows and pink leggings, ughhhhhhh.

L: I actually like this one! (WOW.) Even though the shoes and shorts are rather strange, I do like the sweater. Although I’m not sure that shade of red is best for Grace . . .

K: I really like this outfit, especially the sweater, I like the funky shoes and shorts:)

L: This is THE ONLY outfit of Grace’s that does not have a bow on it. So I am saying that the fluffy thing on her head is not a bow. But the outfit is way too pink. Although those sandals are amazing . . .

K:More pink, no comment.  I still think that thing on her head is like a fan bow or something (is that a thing?).

L: First off, who would pay $28 for just the COAT? It’s . . . meh.

K:Maybe it is expensive because it’s made of some sort of imported French material?  Probably not, but it is an idea;)  I do like the coat though, it is cute minus the bow.

L: The dog looks so  . . . French, and sad . . . maybe because Grace put a bow on it’s ear . . . :'(

K:I think the dog looks really cute, but the bows…..why on a dog?

L: Ummm . . .

K:Weeeeellllll…..The suitcase looks like it is made of card board, but it does have wheels and a handle bar which is cool.  In my opinion, not worth $44.

L: Her accessories look a lot like Isabelle’s. Isabelle has fingerless gloves too, and Grace has Izzy’s Metro pass in different colors. But I like the purse and little bag thing with the Eiffel Tower on it. It’s cute.

K:I like the purse and handbag and little chap-stick bottle, but the gloves and card do look a lot like Isabelle’s so…..


There is some stuff I didn’t include in this post, but it was just a bunch of baking stuff so I probably would have just said “Meh.”

Do you plan on getting Grace? I think I’ll get her when I go to the American Girl Store for my birthday.


And Kelly :)


8 thoughts on “Grace is Here!!

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  3. I know she’s from Massachusetts, but I like her pseudo-French look. I actually adore the bows! The Parisians put bows on everything due to Coco Chanel. Gosh, you buy a lonely macaron to go and they sometimes put a little bow on your sack! The bows are very French, indeed. The thing missing is a scarf, every French citizen wears scarves, female and male. Also, every French girl has a fancy shopping tote, I would have liked to have seen one with a baguette in it! I felt the bows were a good thing, but felt they could have gone a lot further with accessories. All French girls, for example, wear fashionable boots, all year round. Her boots seemed very cheap, NYC style, not at all like either a Cape Codder with French grandparents. Her coat is uber French! Tres beaux! Xo


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