What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 7th

Happy What’s Up Wednesday Day! :p

Hayley's pic

Hayley sent in this sweet picture! I mean, it’s a foot shot — and there’s snow and cute fuzzy boots. Yay! Check out Hayley’s blog, Doll DIYS. It’s a-DOLL-able! (haha, yay for not very good jokes.)

I consider this week’s WUW a success just because I got a picture! Maybe I’ll get more next week because I’ll try to remind you all earlier :)

Have a good Hump Day! HAHAHA . . . no.



6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 7th

  1. Aw, I feel bad you didn’t get anymore! And I almost didn’t send one in! Thank you for posting my picture! That is the only one I could find on short notice :-) Next week will be better!


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