Road to Pamel Synopsis


Yes, I am getting very interest in my photostory series, Road to Pamel. I wrote a synopsis today for you all. Enjoy!

Devin East is about to have her home taken away by the bank. And the Easts’ don’t have any relatives to go to. What will happen to them?

When the mysterious Petrina Marsley suddenly befriends Devin, the two girls set off to find the lost city of Pamel and its legendary treasure, the only thing that can save Devin’s family.

Petrina and Devin face many life or death situations on their journey, and at the end of the Road, Devin finds out who Petrina really is . . . and the prophecy is about to be fulfilled.


Here’s the series poster!

If you want to print it out, here is the PDF file: Road_to_Pamel

Remember, What’s Up Wednesday is soon!



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