Gifts for Issy

Hi! At an AHG meeting before Christmas, we had our Secret Santa gift exchange; the one mentioned in *this post.*

Well, I got my friend Issy’s name.

And, I kinda forgot about it until, like, the day I had to have the gift, so I whipped up a very nice (if I do say so myself) Sculpey set.


Ta daa! It’s a softball set for Issy’s dolls, Isabelle and Emily.


On the bat I wrote “PippySportingGoods.” Pippy is the name of her cat :)


And then on the softball I wrote “PSG.”


hehe! I think it’s a very nice size.


Hopefully Issy’s dolls will enjoy it!


I also got her this!!


It’s. So. FLUFFY!


Yep, I got her a unicorn ;)

OK, I’m totally in love with this unicorn. I want one so my dollies can have a unicorn for a pet!!


Adios, mi amigas!



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