What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 14

Hayley's pic

Hayley of DollDIYs sent in another fabulous picture this week. Her photography is stunning!  Emily looks darling in this photo — maybe my Em will get some time in the spotlight soon :)

Megan's picture

From Megan of Dandelions and Daisies: The Winter Princess.


 Rebekah of American Girl Guide is doing her first photostory series, Worst Enemy, Best Friend!


Nikki as Dakota,


and Bailey as Jasmine. Part one is *here* and part two is *here.*

Thank you to everyone who sent in a picture this week!

If you want to send in  a picture for next weeks What’s Up Wednesday, follow the directions below:

Send your pictures to me at happyhouseofag@gmail.com, and put “What’s Up Wednesday” as the subject, and make sure to include a caption and your name or nickname.

Please only send a maximum of three pictures.

Resize your pictures to 500 pixels in width.

Don’t send in pictures you have already posted on your blog, unless it is for a meet-up, poster for a new photostory series, or a giveaway you are hosting.

You can leave a link to your blog in your entry.

All pictures must be your own .

Send your pictures in by Tuesday evening. If they do not make it in in time I will post them next week.


6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 14

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