What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 21

Hi! Enjoy the pictures =)

Here are some pictures of Anna’s lovely doll, Jubilee!

Anna's pic 3

Anna's pic 2

Anna's pic 1

Cute outfits, Anna!


From Dollies on a Farm: This is a hairstyle I did on Saige


Thanks for the pictures, guys! =)

If you want to send in a picture for next week’s WUW, click *here* to see how. Also, for next week, I came up with a theme for the pictures. It is . . .


BTW, if send in a picture next week, you don’t HAVE to do the theme. It’s totally optional.



12 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday ~ January 21

  1. I am sorry I didn’t send one in today! Rebekah from AmericanGirlGuide asked me to send in ones for her but I totally forgot about it! But I am sending them in now for next week, is that ok?


    • That’s OK! Oh, I hope you find it soon! That’s happened to me before :p Yikes, I don’t know what I’d do if my camera died! I look forward to hearing from you,
      Abigail =)


  2. I will try to send in a pic or 2, but I have to ask my mom first! She will most likely say yes. Is it ok if I send in one that is themed on homeschooling, and one photo that’s not?


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