Bonding with Sisters — I Become a Gymnast


I was walking outside in a tank-top and leggings (Now I know you’re looking at me like “What? You’re gonna freeze, girl!”, but I’m not the only one; check out my sis.) one afternoon when I spotted Ivy doing gymnastics in the yard.


(See, I told you!) She was in the middle of a series of front handsprings.


“Hey, Ivy!” I called.


She lost her concentration when I greeted her and landed on the ground with a thump. “Ow,” she moaned.


“Oh, sorry!” I said as I speed-walked over to her.

“No, it’s OK. It happens all the time.” Ivy stood up.


Then she launched into a round-off.


I clapped as she stuck her landing without wobbling.


“Woah, that was great!” I praised. “You’re really good, Ivy.”


She smiled and flipped a sleek black ponytail over her shoulder. “Thanks! I love gymnastics,” she replied.


Suddenly, I had an idea. I blurted out, “Hey, um, do you think you could teach me some gymnastics? When you have time?”


“Does a bear poop in the woods?!” she exclaimed. “It’ll be groovy! Oh, oh, let’s start right now!”

I giggled at her 70’s phrases.


We started with straddles. Ivy was the real deal; her legs were practically horizontal!


And then there’s me . . . um, yeah.

Enjoy (or laugh at) these other comparisons:


Ivy reach down and flattened herself out on the ground, still in a straddle!


And then there’s my pathetic attempt. “Ow, ow, ow . . .”


Cartwheels . . .


“OOF!” I tumbled onto the ground and grunted.


“Pretty good for a newbie,” Ivy said. “I bet you’ll get really good if you just get practicing!”


Don’t stop, believin’ . . .,” I sang from my position on the ground.

That was pretty much all the gymnastics we did that day xD So we walked around the yard a bit, talking about our hometowns and stuff like that, until . . .


I walked right into a big pole!


We looked up and saw that it was attached to this awesome treehouse!


“Sweet!” Ivy ran over to the rope-ladder and scrambled up it.


Once at the top, she took a quick look around the treehouse and then came back to where I could see her. “It’s far out! Come take a look, Savannah,” she called down.

I tried to climb up the ladder after her, but it didn’t exactly work. I think that Ivy’s gymnastics skills got her up.


I walked around the base of the treehouse, looking for a way up, while Ivy did the same up above.


“See anything?” I hollered.

“Nope,” she replied.


I went around another corner and found the solution — a bucket, big enough for me to sit in!


I peered inside. No creepy crawlies in there. “Ivy! Take a look at this . . . “


After I’d told her my plan, I stepped into the bucket and sat down, bracing myself against the sides.


Then Ivy tugged on a rope attached to the bucket and I soared up in the air!


When I finally got to the top, I tumbled out of the bucket and sighed. Ground, oh, sweet ground, I thought.


Ivy ran over to me, covered in rope. “Great! You’re alive! I thought for a moment there that I’d lost you . . .”


I grinned at her. “Yeah, I’m alive, but I really don’t want to get back in that bucket any time soon.”


Then we looked around the treehouse. It was really cool!


Ivy ran over to the lowest branch and pulled herself up, thanks to her awesome gymnast/ninja skills.


I climbed up after her, but I had to use a rope to get up. (Torture! So not fun.)


Once I got onto the branch, we sat and talked for a while.

I really like Ivy. Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that we both remember our parents.


  I had to face that evil bucket again! Ivy was letting it down, and then, at the very last possible second, she let go of the rope and jumped in to my lap! We free-fell for seven feet 😮 We’re fine now, thanks for your concern.



14 thoughts on “Bonding with Sisters — I Become a Gymnast

  1. That was the best photostory I’ve ever seen! That was awesome! Lol I think Ivy is more of a ninja than a gymnast! Tell Ivy and Savannah that, (As Ivy would say) they are GROOOVY gymnasts! My dolls are wearing tank tops and shorts already too, I don’t think dolls get cold. 😉


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