Grace Inspired Crafts

Hello! I’ve put together a post of Grace inspired crafts from other girls’ blogs.

Devin shows you how to make a doll cake stand: It’s perfect to display Grace’s treats on!


Dollies on a Farm has a craft for making these adorable French macaroons!


Heart of Dixie Dolls has just announced a Grace-inspired craft series, “Doll Bistery Craft Series!” She hasn’t posted any crafts yet, but will soon. Follow her blog to keep updated on this series.

That’s all I have for now :) I’m looking forward to making these crafts soon! Great ideas, girls.

If you’ve done a Grace craft, leave a comment so we can check it out.



8 thoughts on “Grace Inspired Crafts

  1. Hi! I know I request a lot of posts… But I have another idea. (Sorry!) You should make a photostory including baking, in theme with the Girl Of The Year Grace!

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