The BFF Wars — Part 5

Part 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Yay! The BFF Wars is FINALLY back! What’s Up Wednesday is soon! The (optional) theme is shopping. I find it kind of funny that with each photostory series I do, there’s about a month of no episodes. And that whole time I’m thinking “Ugh, why do I have to do this?” or “Oh my, I really should film the next episode of so-and-so . . .”

*cough cough* Right. Well, um, back on topic.

I present to you . . .

The BFF Wars — Part 5: The Fashion Challenge!!


“Hi everyone!” Sianne said into the camera with a gigantic smile. “I’m Sianne, as you know, and today on The BFF Wars, we are doing the Fashion Challenge! Because, I mean, your BFF has gotta have a totes amaze fashion sense or she’s just not cool, right?”


Behind Sianne, Teresa, the only non fashion-freak in the trio of young women running The BFF Wars, stuck out her tongue and shook her head. She didn’t like the Fashion Challenge.


Ashley came up beside Sianne and said, “You’ll remember our contestants for this week, Venus Abbe, Jules Bailey, Tori Lee and Charlotte Kim!”


The camera swiveled over to us.


Then Ashley snapped her fingers and the lights went out. The challenge was about to begin!


A spotlight found its way over to Venus as she stepped out onto the runway. She was wearing black reptile-skin boots, an animal-print mini skirt, a sleeveless white crop-top, and a chunky gold necklace.


The judges were crazy over her outfit.


I personally thought it looked like a cross between Cleopatra and Tarzan Lady.


As soon as Venus went backstage and the applause of the live audience died down, Jules stepped out.


The judges loved the fact that her knee-high boots were the same color as her curls.


Jules looked amazing in her deep purple top.


Then it was my turn. As I went backstage to find something to wear, I thought that there was no way that Charlotte and I could possibly beat Team Jules. I was useless in fashion — and I didn’t care about it anyway.

The ground was littered with clothes and accessories from Venus’s and Jules’s turns.


I finally picked a tight-fitting, one-shouldered dress that reached my ankles. I paired it with tall tan boots and put my hair up in a bun.


As I made my way to the runway, I slipped a diamond bracelet onto my wrist.


I also nestled a pretty silver clip in my hair.


I stepped out on to the runway with a big fat fake smile on my face. I was super uncomfortable in the dress.


I reached the end of the runway and twirled. I smiled into the camera.


No!” Teresa whispered to me. “Don’t smile, Tori!


The smile instantly left my face. I tried plastering on a cool-cat, totally in control look instead, but I know I failed miserably. I was really nervous.


I stood perfectly still, grimacing because the spotlight was glaring right in my face. I waited while Ashley, Teresa and Sianne discussed my outfit.


“She was smiling at the beginning,” Ashley observed.


“Yeah, Team Jules knew better,” Sianne put in. “Plus, their outfits were better.”


“She isn’t obsessed with fashion like the other two, Ashley,” Teresa said in my defense. “And what about the good things in her ensemble, Sianne? I know you like one-shouldered dresses. You’re wearing one right now!”


“OK, yes. I like the dress. And the glitzy bracelet,” Sianne agreed reluctantly.


“The big hair is alright, I guess,” Ashley said. “But there’s not much color. It’s a little two grown up-y for a twelve year old.”


“Yes, you’re right, Ashley. But she did a pretty good job, too. Let’s say . . . well, how ’bout if her partner, Charlotte, does well, then we have a voting from the audience?”

Ashley and Sianne nodded.


I bit my lip. Teresa was really pushing for me.

Then I went backstage.


As I watched the runway, waiting for Charlotte to come out, I hoped really, really hard that her outfit would be terrific. Then the audience would get to vote for which team they wanted to win, and Team Tori might have a shot at winning the second challenge of The BFF Wars.


A moment later, Charlotte stuck her foot out onto the runway. She wore short, fringed hot-pink boots. I imagined that her outfit would be a bright, bold outfit that the judges would love.


But my spirits sank when I saw the rest of her outfit. She herself looked great in the dress — but it was not “fashionable” to the Ashley and Sianne, and it didn’t match the boots at all.

At this my open palm collided with my forehead.


As soon as Charlotte went backstage, the judges announced Team Jules the winner — again. Jules and Venus grinned and slapped each other high-fives.

To be continued . . .


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