Scientific Savannah


Hello everyone. It’s me.

Now, I know it sounds bad. Like, really, really, REALLY bad. I mean, Scientific Savannah? I am not “scientific.” At all.

But somehow I found myself getting pulled into a science experiment. Literally, pulled. I was the closest doll to Loren at the time, so I was pulled from her room and forced to be “scientific.”


Ahem. Along with my “lab partner” Emily.

We’re not quite sure what Emily is. So far, what we do know is that she is a furry, not-so-bright mystery of science. She is usually very cute, but at the moment she has her serious face on, because she is so intrigued by our experiment.

Our experiment is making a cloud in a beaker.


First we put shaving cream into a beaker that was filled with cold water. The shaving cream was made into the shape of a cloud.


Oh my, yum yum. I have always wanted to . . . eat shaving cream. It smells edible. It looks edible. It also looks like whipped cream and is fun to play with so why SHOULDN’T I eat it?!?!


We-e-el, anyway, back on topic, I put blue food coloring on top of my cloud.


Now I just have to wait! The shaving cream cloud is supposed to get heavy because of the food dye, and then the blue will come out the bottom of the cloud and we will have rain!


*after waiting for like two minutes*

Oh, what’s that? Is it a little bit of rain?

It is! It is! Our experiment is working!!


Well, OK, it didn’t really work. The rain shot out in little bursts from the cloud, and then floated back up to the bottom of the cloud. Loren’s mom thinks it’s because there was alcohol in the shaving cream, and alcohol is lighter than water (or so she says) , so it separated.


Then we put the beaker on the woodstove, so that, um . . . (hey, Loren. Um, why did we do that again? *whisper whisper whisper*) Oh yeah, that’s right! We put the beaker on the woodstove so that the water would warm up, doing something that I forget. Loren, I am SO not scientific!!


I think that the heat did whatever it was supposed to do, ’cause we got some rain! You can’t see it very well in this picture, but the light blue, wispy streaks in the water are rain.


And then, blah blah blah, PHOTOBOMB!!

 Later we tried the experiment again, but used whipped cream instead of shaving cream. The results were much better. We actually got our rain! Plus,the cloud tasted amazing — Loren and I ate cloud :)

Would you rather have cotton candy clouds or whipped cream clouds?

~ Savannah


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