The Package (with Something Inside)


Caroline burst through the door, and a puff of February air trailed in after her. She carried a stack of papers under her arm.

“Mail’s here!” she chirped.


I looked up from the couch where I was curled up with a blanket, learning my lines for a play, while Caroline announced what the mail was.


“There’s a letter for Ivy, a letter for Isabelle, a business card for babysitting, and flyer for Camp Doll Diaries.”


She crossed the room and set the mail on the desk.


Then she went to close the door . . . and stopped.


She stepped outside and saw a package sitting on the doorstep.


 Caro came back inside and closed the door behind her. “There’s a package,” she said. “It for you, Savannah. It’s from someone named  . . . Cassandra?”


I jumped up and grabbed the package, then plopped back down on the couch. I stared at the box and soaked up the name on the return address: Cassandra.

My American Girl #37

*photo from American Girl*


Cassandra was my best friend back in Florida. We’d known each other forever — and I’d really missed since I’d left my foster home in Florida to come live with Loren.


I ripped open the box and pulled out a hand-written note in Cass’s scrawl, full of crossed-out words.


I sent you a presant present! You didn’t forget about you’re your friend Cass, did you? I hope you like it — and you should be geting getting an e-mail from me right about now :)

— Cass


After I read Cass’s note, I stuck my hand into the box and pulled out a piece of cardboard that said “BFF Bracelet” on it. Only one knotted bracelet was on the card, so I guessed that Cass was wearing the other one.


I jerked the bracelet out of its slots and tied it onto my wrist.

“Awesome! Thank you, Cass!” I said, even though I knew she couldn’t hear me.


Then, remembering that Cass had written that I should get an email from her, I bounced off the couch and ran to get my laptop. I hit the print button when her email popped up, raced to the printer, and grabbed the copy.


I sat down on the couch to read it.




Subject: MISS YOU!!

Hi Savannah!!!! (wow I just love saying/writing your name again) Have you settled in at your new home? What are your seven other sisters like? And have you seen snow yet? It is AMAZING! I know because I’ve actually seen snow! No, in case you were wondering, it didn’t snow in Florida. Florida has become super boring since you left. Even ice cream can’t cheer me up!! Oh yeah, well I know what snow is because it snowed in TENNESSEE!! I’m in Tennessee because that’s where my foster family lives. My aunt and uncle (the ones that I live with) died, so now I’m an orphan (just like you). Talk to Loren about adopting me, please! I want to see you again so bad, Ana! And wouldn’t it be awesome if we actually got to LIVE together? Write back soon, I’m dying to hear from you!




As soon as I finished reading the email, I hollered, “LOREN!”


She padded down to the dollhouse. “What is it, Savannah?” she asked.


“Will you adopt my friend Cass? She lived with her aunt and uncle, but they just died, so now she’s living with a foster family in Tennessee. PLEASE-E-E?” I said in a rush of words.

“I’ll think about, Savannah,” Loren told me. “It’s not a bad idea — but I’m just not ready to adopt another sister yet.” And with that, she left.


I gazed down at my new bracelet and imagined being reunited with my best friend. Don’t worry, Cass, I thought. We’ll be together again.

And then I went to type out a reply to Cass’s message.


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